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Can I Use Modafinil as A Pre-Workout?

Yes, Modafinil can be taken as a pre-workout especially when you prefer to work out in the morning. It helps boost confidence, motivation and determination to work out without feeling exhausted or dizzy. A Modafinil 200mg is a standard dosage that can be taken on an empty stomach in the early morning. The FDA-approved medicine is safe to consume unless you have health issues. If you do, please talk to your doctor and do as directed.

The essential point is to take medicine at the right time. This is because if you take Modafinil around 11 or beyond, you may find falling asleep at night difficult. Since healthy sleep is necessary for muscle repair, Modafinil can counteract the gain. To get the best out of your workout, take Modafinil before 10 am if you plan to hit the gym at 10:30 am. The earlier, the better; by the time you get in bed, Modafinil will be out of your system.

Its wakefulness-promoting properties are activated by the interaction between the orexinergic system and an activated sympathetic nervous system.

Modafinil delivers a synergizing effect on the orexin system, leading to effective control over energy release in the body and strengthening a person’s ability to do hard physical work. Some athletes use Modafinil as a sports enhancement drug as it makes them feel less fatigue and more energetic to perform better. Such advantages have made Modafinil emerges as a novel stimulant compared to conventional stimulants. The rising illegal use is also a concern, which requires medico-legal interventions.

Does Modafinil help you work out better?

The Journal “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise”, published by The Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, discussed a study that investigates the effect of Modafinil on “time to exhaustion” during intense exercises.

Modafinil is a psychostimulant developed for treating narcolepsy. Its arousal property increases the dopamine level in the Central Nervous System. The study was conducted to see whether Modafinil can produce an ergogenic effect like other stimulants, which helps enhance the physical performance of users.

Method: The test was conducted on fifteen healthy male subjects with a maximal aerobic power (VO2max) of 47 8 mL*kg&min. Each subject was asked to exercise on an ergometer for five minutes at 50 per cent vo2max followed by 85% vo2max to exhaustion. They were asked to continue it for three weeks. The first week was conducted on a controlled trial (c), but in the following two weeks, candidates have given either placebo (P) or Modafinil (4mg per kg).

Findings and Conclusion of the Trails

The table below shows all the trials conducted by all subjects.

The mean and standard deviation (SD) times to exhaustion (TE) at VO2max 85% for C was 14.3 min with a mean and SD of 2.8 min. Similarly, the TE at 85% vo2max for P and M trials were 15.6 and 18.6 with SD of 3.8 and 3.5 min, respectively. The TE for M was longer compared C and P trials. The oxygen update at exhaustion was more significant than P and C. M trials also witnessed an HR increment.

Conclusion: Subjects performing under Modafinil have an increased TE compared to the rest. This proves Modafinil has an ergogenic effect and using them before a workout can increase performance and lower fatigue.

Modafinil and its connection to exercise

The above trial proves Modafinil prolongs the time to exhaustion (TE) by 10-15%. The reason behind this is Modafinil’s ability to affect the CNS and enhance the level of arousal and vigilance in individuals.

There are studies proving that Modafinil can shorten the reaction time (time to respond consciously to an external stimulus) in healthy individuals. It allows users to stay honest about their performance. Modafinil also does not cause any overconfidence effect or disturb the self-monitoring ability of users.

Studies also show that with the right dose, Modafinil can help individuals to elevate their core (rectal) temperature through the workout period. This elevates your heart at a rate even when you are resting between exercises, resulting in more calorie burns and better performance.

The most exciting part is that Modafinil reduces the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue in your mind while exercising. As a result, you will feel less weak and remain pumped to work out more and gain results faster.

Modafinil does not affect or enhance your physical power. Instead, it toughens your brain, making you more motivated and determined while doing high-intense workouts. Not only that, but it also helps you stick with your workout routine and diet.

Benefits of using Modafinil before workout or exercise:

Based on the studies and scientific reports, a compiled report of how Modafinil may affect your workout performance can be used as a pre-workout supplement.

It reduces fatigue

You will find several Reddit posts commending Modafinil for its anti-fatigue properties. This increases your chance of becoming more focused during intense training and completing each rep without getting incredibly dizzy or exhausted. To clarify, Modafinil reduces your perception of fatigue and exhaustion. It does not naturally give your physical energy. Modafinil offers cognitive benefits that add extra energy to your brain to remain focused and determined. The same rule applies in working out too.

 It improves your form

Poor exercise form is one the leading causes of strains and sprains during a workout, as you put undue stress on muscles, ligaments and tendons. Modafinil can help you contract your muscles easily, eventually improving your form. You will witness faster muscle gain and enhanced strength with proper movement and maximum muscle contraction.

No feeling of muscle burn

Muscle burn is the biggest enemy of working out. After a specific time of intense workout, your body starts to burn muscles rather than fat. This is not good for people aiming for muscle gain. Besides, it is bad for future performances as well.

When your muscles start to burn, you will feel a burning sensation around some affected muscles while lifting weights. This, in turn, hampers your other exercises as well. For example, if you exhaust your muscles while doing biceps, you may not be able to do exercises for your shoulders.

Modafinil can reduce the feeling of muscular burn while working out, allowing you to continue exercising and complete your reps. However, this can cause concern, making you vulnerable to muscle injuries. The key is to complete your reps as planned and drink a lot of fluid to keep your muscles hydrated. Just because you don’t feel the pain, that does not mean the pain doesn’t exist.

 Increased efficiency

If you are among those who get easily exhausted and demotivated at the gym, then Modafinil will surely help you spend some more time in the gym and enjoy each workout. It helps you transition your working sets faster and exit the gym with a smile of satisfaction and confidence.

Note: Workout experience at the gym and results can differ among individuals, so you may not experience all the benefits listed below.


Modafinil is a highly potent drug FDA-approved for treating narcolepsy associated with sleep disorders. However, the off-label use of Modafinil has gone off the chart as people use them as an enhancement drug more than people use it for its therapeutic effect. The drug’s efficacy has been examined in conditions like deficit disorders, depression, mental fatigue and lack of concentration. While other stimulants work in the same way, what makes Modafinil different is its tolerance level and lower risks of side effects. It keeps you alert and motivated throughout the session without making you feel shaky or jittery, a feeling associated with caffeine pills and other chemical stimulants.