What is involved in the consultation?

The consultation online asks a series of multiple choice questions to determine whether the prescription medication is right for you. These questions are essential in keeping you safe when prescribing the medication. Along with your height and weight you will be asked questions about your condition. You should read every question thoroughly and answer honestly so we can keep you as safe as possible when prescribing prescription medication.

Who prescribes my medication?

Once you complete our online consultation you will be issued a digital prescription that is then passed onto our UK pharmacy to dispense. Your prescription is written by one of our trusted prescribers who has a lot of experience in this field.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay for your order using credit, debit card and bank transfer.

I don’t have a credit card, how can I pay?

If you don’t have a credit or debit card you can pay via bank transfer. For bank transfer we will give you a unique reference number at checkout. Once the money has cleared in our account, we will process your order.

How do you keep my details safe?

We are a completely secure site and take many measures to ensure your details are kept safe. We understand that you have a right to extreme privacy when purchasing sensitive health medications.

Payment and refunds?

Card Payment: Please notify us that you wish to cancel your order. Your refund will show available In 3 - 5 days.

Bank Transfer: A member of our team will contact you requesting for your bank details. These details are only used to transfer the funds back into your account.

Do you offer replacements for shipping wrong products?

We offer free reshipment in case you receive a wrong product. Contact our support team within 7 days of receiving the wrong products. Make sure you have your receipts and order details to help us process it faster.

Can you ship the product to my nearest P.O.?

We are sorry, but for safeguarding the privacy of our customer’s we do not ship to P.O. boxes. You need to fill in your accurate shipping address while ordering the product so it reaches your doorstep within time and in proper condition.

We don’t help accountability for any returns or reshipment of products not received by the person who made the order.

What is the customs clearance process?

All our export shipments (shipping goods from one county to another) go through a customs clearance process, usually taking around 1-2 working days. However, further delays may happen due to uncertain circumstances, which might affect the delivery date.

We take all possible measures to ensure you receive your package as earliest as possible. Therefore, we split our bulk orders into batches to minimize custom issues.

Which countries do you ship to?

We provide shipping to the United Kingdom, The United States, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, including all European counties. We have extensive warehouse coverage across Europe, providing faster shipment without any VAT charges.

Our shipment is not available in Brazil, China, Pakistan, Mexico, Japan, Jordan, Thailand, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Israel, Algeria, Armenia, Indonesia, and New Zealand.

How long do you take to ship an order?

We will confirm and process your order within 24 hours once our team verifies the purchase and payment. Once we ship the item, we will send you a tracking code in your email as provided by you. Usually, the product will take 5-7 working days to deliver via express shipment and 12-15 working days for standard shipping.

Do I have to pay extra for express shipment in UK?

No, we provide free express shipping over the globe.

Do you offer free delivery for all orders?

Orders of a minimum of $150 are eligible for free shipping.

How do I check my shipment status?

Once we ship your order, we will send you an order tracking link on your email. Clicking on the link will display the current status or location of the package.

If your products are shipped through express delivery, you may not find the package’s current location until it reaches your destination country. In such cases, you may see the status “tracking details not found” or “pre-shipment” or ” pre-shipment. ” However, don’t worry; it is most likely mean your package is on the way to your destination.

We recommend you wait at least 3-5 working days after receiving the shipment confirmation before checking the tracking link.

How can I reorder medication?

It is possible to reorder your prescription. For your convenience, we will send your login information to the email address you provided at checkout. You may place a new order for your medicine using your login information.

Chat message email alert

If the registered prescriber examining your purchase has any questions after you've finished the consultation and made payment, they may invite you into a private messaging system. If you have any questions or concerns about your illness or medication, please don't hesitate to ask. My login details will get you in.

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